Seven Secrets To Making $300 an Hour Freelancing

The world’s top freelance professionals in fields such as copywriting can make an amazing amount of money per hour. You, too, can get a share of this if you learn how to reach the highest levels in the business.

Make More in a Hour Than Most People Make in a Day

Yes, you can make $300 an hour – or even more – working as a freelance professional. And I am not talking about some freaky one-off job where you got lucky, scoring a desperate client who would pay anything to get the job done to a tight deadline. That happens, but it’s not the foundation of a great freelance business. I am talking about a realistic strategy for charging high rates on a regular basis, and having happy clients come back for more. They will even refer you to other clients who will be happy to pay you similar sums.

I am writing this article because I have become a little frustrated by other freelancers I know getting despondent about their rates. There are simply too many freelancers making do with dismal rates and a low income when they could do so much better. I know for a fact that it is entirely possible to make $300 an hour for freelance work – because that is exactly what I did when I was focused on freelance writing.

So if you are fed up with being lowballed by clients, here is a proven seven-point strategy that will rocket your income way up into the stratosphere:

1. Be The Best

If you want to earn top dollar, then being good simply isn’t enough. You have to be the best. The advent of the Internet has opened up amazing opportunities to find clients and win business. But it has also opened the door to a huge amount of competition.

If you want to stand out from the crowd of me-too freelancers, you need to be at the top of your game. That means keeping your skills up to date with ongoing training, and staying abreast of trends and changes in your field. Physical fitness is important, too. Good health brings you the mental alertness to produce top-quality work at every stage of the game. Quality has to be your watch word in everything you do.

2. Offer Consistency

Consistency is something that is not often talked about, but it is extremely important. Freelancers often make the mistake of taking existing clients for granted. On the first project for a new client, they will bust a gut to deliver outstanding work and impress the customer. But after completing a few jobs for a particular client, this drive for quality subsides. Instead of delivering quality work, they expect the client to accept deliverables that are mediocre, or even downright poor.

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You might think you are getting away with this, but don’t be surprised if the work from this client dries up. If you are not prepared to deliver top-quality work every time, somebody else will.

3. Deliver Reliability

Reliability is another key quality that is often overlooked. Hitting deadlines every time is critically important. A single missed deadline looks unprofessional, and will inevitably disappoint your client. Worse still, the delay could have a critical impact on the overall project, costing your client money or lost business. Not good.

4. Bill By The Project, Not By The Hour

If you really want to maximize your income, then you need to shift your focus away from charging by the hour. There is only one of you, and you only have so many hours to offer to clients. Charging by the hour is always going to limit your income severely.

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Instead, start thinking in terms of the value you deliver to your client, and what this is worth to them. If your work helps the client to make a million dollars, then a $10,000 fee for a week’s work is very reasonable. Your client will be happy, and you will be making around $300 an hour.

5. Focus on High-Budget Clients

If you choose the right clients, then charging high fees for quality work is never an issue. My favorite phrase to hear when discussing a project with a new client is ‘budget is not an issue on this account.’

With the best will in the world, a ‘Mom and Pop’ business may balk at forking out $20,000 for freelance services. But for a global corporation, this is just pocket change. Aim for clients that have big budgets and are used to talking in big numbers. When your work is part of a $10 million dollar campaign, quality will be a much more important factor than cost.

6. Take Good Care of Your Clients

Sometimes freelancers forget that business is all about relationships. This is especially true in the 21st century, when we may work for clients that we never meet face to face. Nevertheless, maintaining a good relationship with all your customers is important. After all, clients are human beings, too, and being nice really does make difference.

If you surprise your clients with a small gift on their birthdays, or remember to ask about their vacation when they get back to work, this can work wonders in strengthening your business relationships. You will be top of mind when the next job comes up, and the size of your quote is less likely to come under close scrutiny.

7. Keep Marketing

I’ve kept this secret until last because it is a big one. Most freelancers make the mistake of marketing when business is quiet, then forgetting all about marketing when they get busy. The problem then is that when your current projects end, you are again desperate for work. That means you will accept lower rates to get some work scheduled, forcing you into a never-ending cycle of low-paid work.

The answer is to keep on marketing whether you are busy or not. When you always have more offers of work than you can handle, you can afford to quote high rates to maximize your profitability. When you can cherry pick the best projects from the best clients, making $300 an hour is easy.

Start Today and Profit Tomorrow

I know the above strategies work, because I used them in my freelance business day after day. As a result, I made a very good hourly rate every month. The same strategies can work for you, too. Get started today, and you really could be profiting from these seven secrets as soon as tomorrow.

Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer is a blogger and online marketer who helps people escape the rat race, pursue their passion and find financial, location and personal freedom. If you, too, want to take control of your life, click here to launch your own online business today.