Account Review

Discover why you are losing money with your Facebook ad campaigns, where you are missing opportunities…and how to transform ROI.

The Hidden Problems that May be Costing You $$$$

They say that ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you.’ But when it comes to Facebook advertising, I respectfully disagree.

If your house had termites that were eating it alive, would you want to know about it? I’m pretty sure you would. Yet in my experience, the vast majority of Facebook advertising accounts are like termite-infested houses. The owners are in blissful ignorance of the devastation that is happening around them. A lot of damage has already been done, and the longer the problems go untreated, the worse the consequences become. 

From one-person startups to multi-national corporations, the issues are the same. When I peer under the hood of a client’s Facebook campaigns for the first time, I often feel like a surgeon discovering an undiagnosed cancer rampant inside the patient’s body. I find myself asking question after question:

  • Where is the conversion tracking?
  • What about custom audiences?
  • Are they really using those boring stock images in ads?
  • Why is that campaign with shrinking CTR still running?
  • Who thought an ad with 50% text was a good idea?
  • How is such broad targeting ever supposed to work?

And so on. Some of the issues are simple, others are complex issues that reveal deeper problems with your marketing funnels. But they all need to be addressed if your ad campaigns are to succeed. 

Revamp Your Account Rev Up Your Results.

An in-depth review of your Facebook advertising account can reveal a multitude of problems which need attention. Often there are ‘quick fixes’ which can deliver an immediate improvement in ROI. Sometimes a more strategic plan needs to be developed to provide long-term results.

Either way, there is only way to identify the issues and get on track to fixing them. Get in touch today to get an account review and revamp underway – and set yourself on the fast track to higher revenues and profits.