How Ten Bloggers Made $516,964 in August 2016

Find out how these regular guys and gals have managed to turn blogging into a career that generates great money every month. Most of the world may have been on vacation, but these ten bloggers continued to rack up big profits throughout the summer season, racking up a total of well over half a million dollars between them.

Another Half-a-Million Dollar Month

Most people slave away in the rat race to make around $50,000 a year. These top ten bloggers make an average of $50,000 in a single month! If you want to find out how to increase your income by a factor of twelve or more, then check out these bloggers and see what makes their businesses tick.

These bloggers are very open and generously share a great deal of information about their blogs and how they make money. So reading their stories is not only inspiring, it can be a great source of data that you can apply in your blogging-based business to get results. Whether you need to learn about traffic generation, monetization or conversion, you can find all you need to know in these reports.

#1. - 124,512

John Lee Dumas is back on top of the heap this month, clearing a massive income once again. A big chunk of the monthly income came from podcast sponsorship, which just shows how much potential there is in this virtually untapped method of monetization.

Products also made up a big chunk of income, with John launching new products that are sure to generate revenue for many months to come. Having moved to Puerto Rico, he has also lowered his overheads, which means more revenue gets translated into disposable income. Of course, it’s also a great example of the blogging lifestyle – making great money whilst living in paradise.

#2. - $101,199

Pat Flynn clocked up another successful month, with a lot of things going in the business. The majority of his income still comes from affiliate programs, but he is now working hard on creating his own products to diversify income.

Pat uses a mix of blogging and podcasting to generate his audience and funnel them to appropriate offers. He is able to generate great sales because of his honest and transparent approach to business. He is proud to be the crash test dummy of online marketing – making mistakes so that his customers don’t have to. It’s an approach that works!

#3. - $86,688

Sales of Michelle’s new course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, dropped somewhat this month, which is only to be expected once the initial launch phase is over. Nevertheless, the course still contributed nearly $20,000 to income – a figure that most people would be delighted with on its own.

However, most of her income came from affiliate programs this month, with revenue from a range of different programs generating a good income for her. Michelle admits that after five years of blogging, she sometimes suffers from an attack of blogging burnout. However, she has strategies for taking a break and getting back on track as quickly as possible. With a blog that generates around a million dollars a year in profit, it’s probably not too hard to get motivated!

#4. - $62,164

Melyssa’s numbers this month were fueled by a big drive on Facebook advertising. She spent no less than $15,000 on ads to drive traffic to her Triple Your Traffic Challenge. It was worth the investment though – that $15,000 spend translated into an immediate $75,000 in revenue, and will probably generate more income for her in future months.

Melyssa has done a great job of growing her blog by employing a wide range of traffic-generating strategies. Although she is known for her Pinterest course, she generates traffic in a number of different ways. The result is a very healthy income every month.

#5. - $ 34,786

Lindsay and Bjork are at pains to point out that although they are making good money from blogging, they are not living the four-hour work week, or blogging whilst relaxing on a tropical beach. They work hard for the money, but they also say it gives them a business they love to run.

PinchOfYum generates revenue from ads, affiliate programs sponsorships and other sources. Together, this all adds up to a significant sum of money. However, their overheads are also quite high for bloggers, and this eats into their bottom line. But they still manage to clear over $1000 a day – not bad by anyone’s standards.

#6. - $36,538

Abby and Donnie have been busy experimenting and testing this month – always a great way to increase your income. They have tried combining several products into one sales page, adding urgency to their offers and including countdown timers in their emails. All of these are great ways to squeeze out more revenue from every website visitor.

They also experimented with a price increase, which turned out very well. Firstly, the got a burst of sales by offering subscribers a last chance to subscribe at the old price. Then when the price went up, they started making more profit on every sale. A good result all round!

#7. - $24,347

A very good summer month for Rosemarie, netting a healthy revenue which is nearly all profit. Most of this came from affiliate programs, but sales of her own digital products are increasing, too.

She is also thinking hard about how to use her time most productively. She has taken on a virtual assistant to handle the everyday tasks, and is using software to monitor her own productivity. No doubt this productivity will turn into higher profits in future months.

#8. - $21,686

Matthew has done some work on this blog to fix up a few issues that were causing various important metrics to decay. As a result, he has turned things around and the blog is back on the growth path again.

Traffic is also growing, with search traffic in particular continuing to increase. He also says he has some killer content lined up which is going to lead to further growth and improvement in the months ahead.

#9. - $13,568

It’s a double first for Trevor and Jennifer from

Not only is it the first time they have appeared in our monthly income report roundup, it’s also the first they have surpassed the $10k a month barrier – way to go, guys!

For a relatively new blog, they are achieving big numbers – clocking up nearly 400,000 page views. Their revenue per thousand visitors (RPM) is also very good for a site for a site that relies heavily on ad revenue, hitting around $35.

#10. - $7,976

People thinking about getting into blogging often wonder if the market is now saturated. Is it too late to make your mark? Alexa from says definitely not. She points out that you are unique, and no-one has your perspective on life.

Alexa has done exactly that creating a blog around her struggle to create income to raise her daughters. This was another good month for the blog, with a good mix of ad, affiliate, sponsorship and freelance income.

Income Report Roundup: How Ten Bloggers Banked $604,380.79 in March 2016

Rise in the Fall

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