Marketing and Advertising for the 21st Century

While much has changed in the world of marketing and advertising over the last two decades, the basics have remained the same. Quality copywriting still lies at the heart of every successful campaign.

I learned the craft of copywriting in the 20th century, when the success of any campaign hinged unconditionally on achieving the highest-possible conversion rates. Yet as one of the earliest adopters of the Internet for business, I have honed these skills in the competitive and ever-changing world of online marketing.

As a result, I can help you achieve a high return on investment in all forms of marketing and advertising. From Facebook and Google ad campaigns, to inbound content marketing and more, I can help you deliver the results you need.

To experienced, creative and proven help with your marketing and advertising campaigns, just get in touch to get things started.

"When Apple UK needed an experienced and reliable writer for mission-critical project, we called Rob Palmer. He was able to deliver quality work to extremely tight deadlines, and played a key role in ensuring that the project was massively successful."

Managing Director of Apple UK