Business Facebook Optimization for Start-Ups

If you are launching a start-up business, your social media presence will be a critical factor in your success. Discover how to make the most of the opportunities that Facebook offers.

Leveraging Social Media

You’re launching the start-up you’ve always dreamed about - how do you get the word out? In this day and age, social media probably plays a role in your plan. Social media is not only a way to put your business out there and inform your ideal customers that you’ve launched, it’s critical to the entire marketing process. In a 2012 survey performed by Hubspot, social media marketing had a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

Facebook, in particular, can be a helpful tool to promoting your start-up. With 1.74 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still by far the most popular social media platform worldwide. It also has detailed, dynamic pages for businesses the likes of which aren’t offered by other popular formats like Twitter and Instagram. Some businesses even use their Facebook page as their website.

However, so for your start-up to succeed on Facebook, your page has to stand out among 65 million Facebook business pages...or at least the business pages local to you. Your competition, both known and unknown, is probably on Facebook, too. What can you do to ensure that your page draws the attention of your customers over every other page? Here are a few tips we recommend to optimize your page.

Use a Custom URL

Brand consistency is key to your customers finding you and your leads engaging with you. So it’s important that you use a custom URL when creating your Facebook business page and that custom URL is your business name. When you register, Facebook will give you a default URL that is a set of numbers.

However, in your “page info” section where you see “username,” you have the option to “create page @username.” From there, you can change your URL to the name of your brand. Not only will this give you brand consistency, it will make your page easier to find, both on Facebook’s search engine and external search engines

Categorize Your Business Wisely

On your Facebook business profile, there will be a section that asks for your category. This category will determine how your business is listed and in what searches it will appear. It also gives your customers a clearer idea of what you do. In choosing your category, there are two main things to consider. First, your industry: for what product or service will customers seek you out? Second, your niche: what sets your business apart? What hole in the market are you trying to fill? From there, find the most specific and precise category available.

Fill Out Your Whole Profile

Filling out your Facebook business profile can seem tedious and unnecessary - who actually pays attention to that? But the more information you provide, the more your customers will follow up with you. A full profile also boosts your chances of being picked up as a relevant result in Facebook’s search engine.

Aside from username and category, the most important aspects of your profile are your address (if you work on location), contact information, and your hours of operation. However, a brief company overview and a comprehensive list of the products and services you provide will also help clarify what you do, both to customers and to Facebook. Linking to your website or other social media platforms will also help to build a stronger lead.

Use Lots of Pictures

Your business page must include an appealing profile picture. This picture can be of yourself, your shop, your logo, or simply an icon representing your business. The picture should belong to you or be licensed for reuse, unless you’re willing to pay royalties for a higher quality picture.

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You should also include an eye-catching cover photo. Your cover photo is the horizontal banner that runs across the top of the page. Some ideas for optimized cover photos include a picture of your logo or a picture of a current promotional campaign. Your logo and brand should have a strong showing throughout your Facebook page.

Pin Posts to Boost Visibility

A pinned post is a post that automatically appears at the top of the page, no matter how long ago it was posted. Pinned posts can serve a few purposes when it comes to optimizing your Facebook business page.

You can use a pinned post to share a message with those who visit your page, explaining your business in fuller detail than you were able to do through your profile. Pinned posts can be great for specific promotions, as well, because they ensure that the first thing your customer sees directs them to your sale or campaign. Pins are not permanent, so you can pin or unpin messages based on their relevance.

Get Verified

Verified business pages on Facebook have priority when it comes to search engines, so if you’re in it for the long haul, you should have your Facebook page verified. To do so, go to “settings” then “general settings” then “page verification.”

Facebook will ask you for information to verify your business, like a publicly listed phone number and the country in which you operate. From there, Facebook will call you with a verification code which you can enter into your page to complete verification. You can also verify your business with pictures of official documents showing your business name and address.

Use Good SEO Practices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is typically used for website content, but it’s not a bad idea to use it for your Facebook page, either. Sprinkling keywords (that is, the words people are most likely to enter into search engines in order to find your business) liberally throughout your Facebook page and posts will help to boost your visibility not just on Facebook, but also in Google. Use of links will also help boost your SEO.

Post links to your website in your company info, and share links to your website and relevant info on your Facebook page regularly to keep the optimized content fresh for both internal and external search engines. It might even be worth the investment to hire an SEO professional to help improve your SEO. Companies like Market Boost offer SEO link-building services, as well as managing Facebook Ad campaigns, which could also help put the word out about your group.

Make the Most of Facebook and Thrive

If used correctly, Facebook is a place where business start-ups can thrive. The best way to ensure that yours does is to put these practices into place and stay active. If your page is constantly buzzing with activity, Facebook and the search engines are sure to notice.


Christine is a Digital Outreach Manager for Market Boost, an innovative Digital Market Agency based out of Los Angeles, California. Christine has a passion for marketing, specifically building deep relationships with journalists, website owners and influencers online.