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Nobody Cares About You

Sorry to tell you the bad news, but nobody cares about you or your products. All they care about is what your product can do for them. Yet the vast majority of sales executives still sell by pushing the benefits of whatever shiny object they are promoting.

More successful sales people understand that they can move the sale forward by focusing on the benefits. This is certainly a big step in the right direction, but it still leaves you a long way to go. For example, there is an old saying in marketing that ‘people don’t want drills, they want holes.’

Yes, this is better. If you are selling drills, then people don’t really care if they are tungsten-tipped or even nuclear powered. They want to know if your drill will produce the benefit they want – a nice, neat hole in the right place.

But hold on a second. Is a hole really what you want? Do you lie awake at night wishing you had more holes in your walls? When you buy a shiny, new drill, do you go around your home randomly drilling holes for decorative purposes?

Probably not. 

Focus on the Outcome

But there may well be other issues keeping you awake at night. You may lie in bed thinking:

“The living room is so disorganized, with boxes of stuff all over the floor. It looks a mess, and we have the family coming to stay next week. I wish we had more shelves so we could tidy the place up, and keep everything neat and organized.”

Boom! There you go. You are thinking about the OUTCOME you want. The FEATURES of the electric drill are just what you need to get the BENEFIT of holes in your wall, which you can use to put up shelves. You can then enjoy the OUTCOME of a neat, organized home and FEEL PROUD when your relatives praise you about how great the room looks. 

This is where the disconnect in sales occurs. A salesman in your local Home Depot will be happy to show you the features of the product, and may possibly even mention the simple benefits that the product can deliver.

But when have you ever heard a Home Depot employee talk about the pride you will feel when the job is done? Probably never.

This is because you are expected to connect all the dots yourself. You have to think through a long mental sequence that starts with the features, progresses through the benefits to get to the outcome – and then finally think about the happy emotional state you will enjoy as a result.

That’s a long journey, and most people don’t make it to the end. As a result, they lose interest in purchasing and the deal is never done. But just imagine what would happen if the salesman actually created this ‘mind movie’ for the prospect…

“So the ‘triple-wind’ feature ensures you get a perfectly round hole every time, exactly where you want it. No more messed holes that ruin your project. That makes putting up shelves really easy, so you could have the job finished this afternoon. You can do this whether you are a costa rica nanny agency or running art classes on the central coast.

Then when your Mom and Dad come round tomorrow, they’re going to love how neat and tidy the room looks. They’ll be so proud of you!”


Selling doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be manipulative. You just need to understand the right system to follow to get the best outcome for you and the prospect. 

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