How Ten Bloggers Made Over Half a Million Dollars in July 2016

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Check out these income reports and see how ten bloggers managed to generate over $550,000 in a single month…and how you can do it, too. In case you are wondering if there is any real money to be made in blogging, here is the proof that this is a career opportunity that really works. Be inspired to replicate their success in your own blogging career.

Bloggers Income Report Roundup for July 2016

Well, the summer is supposed to be the silly season when everything slows down in the business world. So you might expect bloggers to report lower than average numbers at this time of year.

Far from it. These bloggers rocked their way through the hottest days of the Northern summer. While most people were thinking about vacations and lazy days, these guys and gals were busy racking up bigger profits than ever.

Every month, I report on the top ten bloggers who publish income reports. This month, our top ten pushed through the half a million dollar mark, clocking up an astonishing $550,056 in total net income. Check out these reports and be inspired to get similar – or better – results in your own blogging enterprise.

#1. Smart Passive Income - $127,471

Another fantastic month for Pat Flynn, racking up an excellent income once again. Pat succeeds by creating great content, especially in the form of his ever-popular podcasts. Currently, the majority of his income comes from affiliate commissions from a wide range of online marketing related services.

However, he concedes that this is a weakness, because a change in the nature of his biggest affiliate income generator would have a serious effect on his income. So we can expect to see Pat to launch more of his own products in the months ahead.

#2. Making Sense of Cents - $112,594

Michelle broke the $100,000 barrier for the first time this month, resulting in her best month ever for income. This blog keeps going from strength to strength, and is now on track to make around a million dollars a year in profit – not bad for a business run from an RV!

The main reason for the jump in the income was that Michelle launched her own course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This contributed a whopping $50,00 to her month’s income, which just goes to show how important it is to have your own products. - 102,132

Melyssa is another blogging lady who had a fantastic month in July. A short but intense promotion for one of her training courses helped her to push her income over the $100,00 mark, despite spending much of the month traveling.

Melyssa is a sound marketer who works hard on improving conversions, average order values and opt-in rates. The result is a very healthy blog that generates an excellent income month after month.

#4. - $97,699

From their new home in Puerto Rico, John and Kate are continuing to kick butt with their online business. Driven primarily by the increasingly-popular Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, this business is a great example of how to succeed online.

This month was a little quieter than usual, but the numbers are still fantastic by most people’s standards. The majority of the income came from podcasting sponsorship, which racked up an amazing $80,000.

#5. Pinch of Yum - $36,117

Lindsay and Bjork are still doing well with this website, which is undoubtedly one of the most successful food blogs online. Some heavy expenses this month cut into their net income, but the result is still a very healthy income.

With nearly a million visitors from Google and another half a million from Pinterest, this blog certainly has the numbers needed to succeed. If they can figure out how to convert food blog vistors into paying customers more efficiently, their income could explode.

#6. Just A Girl and Her Blog - $27,026

One of the great benefits of building a blogging-based business is that you generate truly passive income. So if you are unable to work for a while, you don’t have to worry about paying the bills – the money keeps on rolling in.

Abby and Donny discovered the benefits of this after moving house this summer. Despite being distracted from business activities for most of the month, they still managed to clear nearly $1000 a day…not bad for purely passive income!

#7. - $16,183

Rosemarie is another blogger who had a great month, despite taking most of the month off. Blogging is a great way to make a living, but there is more to life than working flat out every day. Rosemarie is smart enough to realize that, so she regularly takes time out to be with her family.

Despite this, she managed to make over $500 per day, which no doubt helped to pay for a few family days out during those lazy, hazy summer days. With a full-time virtual assistant now on board, and with her own products to sell, she is likely to do even better as time goes on.

#8. - $13,551

Matthew’s income dropped this month, mainly because he didn’t pick up any consultancy projects through the blog. He also had a few technical challenges which took time away from serious work on developing the blog. But affiliate income held up, and he still had a good month overall.

Matthew is a professional marketer, so we can expect to see him working hard to get back to month-on-month growth in the months ahead.

#9. Believe in a Budget - $9500

Kristin had a great month for her blog, getting very close to breaking through the $10,000 barrier – a great effort for a slow month. Her income comes from a mix of affiliate income, ad revenue, sponsorships and her own products and services.

Like many bloggers – especially lady bloggers – the vast majority of her traffic comes from Pinterest. With Pinterest booming, this suggests she could hit even bigger numbers in future months.

#10. Single Moms Income - $7783

Alexa has been steadily building up this blog from a part-time project into a full-time income, and she is going from strength to strength. Starting from living in a trailer in her Dad’s back yard, she has been able to transform her life, including buying a new home.

Alexa uses her blog to generate freelance income as a writer and virtual assistant. As a result, she has been able to put a roof over her children’s heads and create a whole new career.

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Even Better Days Ahead

If these bloggers can pull down such big numbers at the slowest time of year, then it bodes well for their results in the months ahead. As we move into the fall and winter, we can expect the numbers even bigger.

The good news is that there is plenty of money to be made in blogging. So don’t just sit there – get started and get a piece of the pie. Start your own blog today and get on the road to financial, location and personal freedom.

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