Income Report Roundup: How Ten Bloggers Banked $356,006 in June 2016

If you need solid proof that blogging is a real business, you can find it right here. Discover how ten regular people are making money in spades every month just from blogging. Some are making a few thousand dollars a month, some are making tens of thousands – but they have all figured out the secrets of full-time blogging.

10 Blogs, One Month, $356,006

Maybe you have considered starting a blog to make some money, but had doubts about how viable this business model is. It sounds too easy, right? Sitting at home in your pajamas and knocking out blog posts about your personal life. Who on earth is going to pay you to do that?

This roundup should put your doubts to rest. Here we look at ten ordinary folks who have turned their blog into a serious income machine. Use these stories as inspiration to show you that you can do this, too. Anyone can start a blog and make good money, and here is the solid proof: - $139,961

Melyssa had her biggest earning month ever, and it was all due to the launch of her new course. Sales of this course represented over $130,000 of her earnings for the month, which once again shows how important it is to have your own products.

In fact, the launch generated around $275,000 in total (with some of the earnings made in adjacent months). Melyssa had doubled the size of her email list since her previous product launch, and the big increase in subscribers turned into big increase in sales – proof of just how important an email list is. - $68,440

Michelle has been kicking butt with this blog for a while, and it keeps growing from strength to strength.

Over $52,000 of her income this month came from affiliate programs, with sponsorships and advertising making up the bulk of the rest.

She also made two very good decisions this month. The first was to switch to using ConvertKit for managing her mailing list. Although ConvertKit is the new kid on the block, it is a system built by bloggers for bloggers, and it offers a lot of power and flexibility. Secondly, she started using BoardBooster for scheduling pinning to Pinterest. This is a great alternative to Tailwind (we actually use both on Mom.Money) and is sure to help with scheduling to group boards, in particular. - $59,737

Another good month for Lindsay and Bjork, almost hitting the $60,000 mark. These guys have a real mix of income, with the majority coming from advertising income and affiliate commissions.

Their traffic numbers are amazing. With over two million visitors and 3.7 million page views a month, they are really hitting the big time. What’s interesting, though is that (above) actually makes more money, despite having around one-tenth of the monthly page views (400,000).

This demonstrates how niches vary wildly. The food blogging niche is incredibly popular, but very hard to monetize. People tend to just grab a recipe and run, so it is hard to sell them things, and advertisers are wary. But in the personal finance sector, people have money to spend, and the potential advertisers have deep pockets. In the end, both blogs make about the same amount of money…but they do it in very different ways. - $32,913

Another good month for Abby And Donny, raking in over $1000 a day. This part-time hobby project has now turned into a serious full-time business, and is growing fast.

Although all their metrics are growing – blog traffic, subscribers, etc. – the most impressive improvement is in revenue per thousand visitors. This has grown from around $3 per thousand visitors in January 2014 to over $100 per thousand visitors in June 2016. - $20,557

Like most bloggers, Rosemarie has seen page views dip a little in the summer, with revenue also dropping as a result.

But that is a temporary seasonal issue, and business should return to normal in September.

Business is still good though, with around 360,000 page views for the month.​

 Most of the income came from affiliate programs and sponsored posts. However, she also launched her own product, The Pinterest Strategy Guide, which shows exactly how she went from making $18 a month to making over $20,000 a month. - $$11,288

Two years ago, soccer mom Stacey had a regular job and her new blogging project was just a hobby. But within a year she had quit her job and turned the hobby into a full-time business.

​This month she crossed the ‘five figures a month’ threshold for the first time, with sponsored posts representing her biggest stream of income. She also made good money from advertising, with affiliate commissions making up most of the rest. - $9,700

What a difference a year makes! In June 2015, Kristin made exactly $66.10 from her blog. In June 2016, she made $9,700…that’s one hell of an improvement. From start-up to full-time business in just 12 months. She is now making more than she used to in her day job, and has no intentions of going back.

Her income comes from a number of different sources – including freelancing, affiliate income and sponsorships. More importantly, though, she has launched her own products and these now generate several thousand dollars a month in income. We can expect to see these products represent an even higher percentage in the months ahead. - $7986

Alexa has done a good job of growing this blog steadily over the last four years. As a result, she is able to support her family whilst living in a small town with few job options.

Advertising and affiliate income are her biggest earners, with some freelancing bulking up the numbers. - $4,159

Caroline started her food blog a few years ago, but didn’t pay it too much attention at first. Then she saw how Lindsay and Bjork at PinchOfYum had turned their food blog into a serious business, and she started to up her game. The blog is now clearing over $1000 a week and is becoming a full-time business proposition.

Pinterest is her leading traffic referrer, with Google coming in second. All up, the blog had around 159,000 visitors in June, clocking up over a quarter of a million page views. - $1,265

Who better to write a food blog than a Certified Culinary Scientist? Jessica Gavin puts her qualifications to good use in getting this website off the ground. Working in partnership with husband Jason, she is busy building up this project.

Google and Pinterest drive most of their traffic, and income comes from sponsorship and advertising. Although they have a decent number of page views, the low revenue per thousand visitors of $5.23 is restricting their revenue. Tip for Jessica and Jason…it’s time to launch your own products, guys!

You Can Do It, Too…Here’s How

There has never been a better time to become a blogger. The tools available are awesome, and there are so many ways to promote your blog and make money. So take the first step towards starting your blog today – you will never regret it.

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