Income Report Roundup: How Ten Bloggers Banked $424,106 in May 2016

If you’ve ever wondered if it is really possible to make good money blogging, then here is the proof. Check out these ten awesome bloggers who are turning page views into monthly income. Once again, we see clear proof that blogging is not just a part-time hobby – it can also be the foundation of a profitable online business.

Another Amazing Month for Bloggers

Here we go again with another review of how some of the world’s best bloggers are doing financially. Many bloggers post income reports each month, partly to push themselves to keep doing better, and partly to inspire other bloggers.

If you are not sure whether blogging is a viable way to make a living, then check out these reports. They show how ordinary people have succeed in turning blogging into a full-time income. Some started blogging after losing their jobs, others started a blog as a hobby and saw it blossom. Some are making a few thousand dollars a month, while others are making over a million dollars a year.

They all have one thing in common. They have found a way to create a full-time income, working wherever or whenever they want. Check them out and see how you could change your life in the next few months. - $127,471

Pat Flynn is definitely one to watch when it comes to learning how to make money from a blog. Since being laid off from his full-time job back in 2008, he has grown this blog into a true money-making machine. And he does it by producing great-quality content that thousands of people want to consume.

May was another great month for the blog, and the way he earned the money justifies the name. This really was smart, passive income. Even though Pat was busy traveling for much of the month, he still racked up over $127,000 in income…not bad at all! - $69,085

Michelle has been doing a great job of building this blog month by month. For May, income was up even though page views were down a little. That just goes to show that page views aren’t everything. It is also important to work on engaging readers, and converting them into email subscribers, etc.

Until now, most of Michelle’s income has come from affiliate marketing and some sponsorship. But when her own course launches in a few weeks’ time, we can expect to see a big increase in her income. Watch this space. - $68,113

Melyssa hit some great numbers again this month, notching up nearly $70,000 in revenue. Her blog is a great example of how selling your own products – in her case training courses - can really bump up your earnings.

She made over $45,000 from course sales alone, with another $22,000 coming from affiliate commissions. She has re-invested some of this money in hiring additional team members to help grow the business in the future.

A Pinch of Yum - $56,061

Lindsay and Bjork had another great month, with excellent revenue. What is interesting about this blog is the way they monetize it from so many different sources. This is a perfect example of using multiple streams of income to increase your earnings. Those smaller affiliate earnings may not seem much individually, but they all add up to a significant total. - $37,967

Abby and Donnie are continuing to do great work on their blog. Here again we can see the power of having your own products to ramp up your revenues. Their two biggest revenue streams are from their own digital products, with affiliate sales helping to bulk up the numbers. - $28,640

Harsh Agrawal has done a great job of building into a blog that gets over 1.5 million page views per month. May was another great month for the blog, hitting close to a thousand dollars a day in income.

Affiliate earnings and sales of his affiliate marketing eBook represented the vast majority of these earnings.

This suggests that the site still has a lot of potential to be tapped. If Harsh starts offering high-level training courses and/or a membership site, he could make even more money from the same traffic. - $22,930

Rosemarie has been working hard on building out this blog, and the work is paying off. Affiliate income is the mainstay of her income, with ad networks and sponsored posts also producing good income. Not bad for someone who barely knew what a blog was two years ago.

She has had great success with Facebook, an area where many bloggers are giving up. She has also been busy getting her blog totally into shape. Plans for the immediate future include testing Facebook ads and split-testing on Pinterest, so she is working aggressively to build the blog. - $7,200

Like many bloggers, especially those targeting women, Meredith gets nearly all her traffic from Pinterest. She was able to turn this into several different streams of income. The biggest earning revenue stream was freelance work resulting from contacts made on the blog. The second-biggest earner was affiliate income. No doubt this blog will continue to grow in the months ahead. - $3,783

Caroline started as a way of collating and sharing recipes, but it has grown into a useful source of income, too. Once she started focusing full-time on the blog, it really took off. Being passionate about food blogging proved to be a great asset.

She got lucky in May when Yahoo randomly decided to publish one of her posts on the Yahoo front page. That drove tens of thousands of visitors to the blog over the next few days. This just goes to show that if you publish great content, then karma can work in your favor.​ - $2,856

Meredith is working hard on building up this blog, and she is making good progress. Although the revenue numbers are still low compared to some, they are enough to make a real difference to her life. And if she keeps on working the way she is going, the numbers are sure to continue to grow.

You Can Do it Too!

The whole point of publishing these income reports is to inspire you to take action. None of these bloggers are anyone special – they are just regular guys and gals who have found a way to turn blogging into a real business.

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There has never been a better time to become a blogger. The tools available are awesome, and there are so many ways to promote your blog and make money. So take the first step towards starting your blog today – you will never regret it.

Rob Palmer

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