Income Report Roundup: How Ten Bloggers Banked $604,380.79 in March 2016

Lots of regular folks are making great money blogging – discover how they do it. If you need some inspiration to kick start your blogging career, check out the stories of these cool bloggers who are making great money every single month with their blogs. You will see that making a full-time living from blogging is not so difficult after all.

Serious Blogging Income!

Over six hundred thousand dollars in revenue from just ten bloggers…in a single month! If anyone ever tries to tell you that there is no money in blogging, just show them this report – it may just blow their minds! The simple fact is that the business of blogging has never been healthier.

Many bloggers publish monthly income reports, to show how their blogging business is growing, and how they are doing it. This monthly roundup takes a look at how the top ten bloggers are doing. We do this a few weeks in arrears, to give bloggers time to get those income reports up.

An Amazing Month

So in this roundup, we are looking at blogging income for March 2016, and the figure is amazing. A total of $604,380.79 was earned in a single month by these ten bloggers.

What’s even more amazing is that most of these bloggers are not hard-core online marketers. They are ordinary people who started a blog as a part-time project, and saw it mushroom into a full-time business.

How Ten Bloggers Made $516,964 in August 2016

What does this mean for you? It means that if they can do it, so can you! So read this roundup to inspire you to follow in their footsteps. Who knows, a year or so from now, you may be one of the high-earning bloggers making a great living online.

You might even be one of superstars who are breaking the $100,000 a month barrier. It’s definitely possible, as you can see below.

So let’s get started. Here are ten extraordinary blogging success stories to inspire you. - $127,787.37

Pat Flynn reported yet another awesome month for income, despite being busy working on a major redesign of the blog, plus many other projects. Pat has done a fantastic job of building a powerful brand.

When Pat lost his job in 2008, he thought his world had ended. But in reality, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise…and the start of a phenomenal blogging career. Pat is another blogger who leverages the power of podcasting to build his brand. As a result, he was able to clear $127,787.37 in revenue in March. is not just a fine example of how to monetize a blog, it’s also a fantastic source of information for bloggers. Pat has just completed a total makeover of the blog, so it will be interesting to see how this affects income in future months. - $116,100

John Lee Dumas reported another month of six-figure income. That’s a sum that most people would be happy to make in a year, but John is clearing this in a single month (before expenses).

What’s more impressive is that just a few years ago, John knew nothing about making money online. He was an ex-soldier working in a commercial real estate job that he hated. Then he had inspired idea – a seven-day a week podcast and blog for entrepreneurs. The project has become a huge success, and provides a great model for building a successful online business. This isn’t even John’s best month. In previous months, he has cleared over half a million dollars in revenue.

If that’s not enough to get you off your butt and launching your blog, you’d better stick with flipping burgers.

Melyssa started this blogging project to help others achieve their goals in life. Within eight months, her idea had turned into a full-time business that is growing at a rapid race. Melyssa is a smart marketer who understands the importance of email marketing, sales funnels and conversion. As a result, we can expect to see her income growing rapidly over time.

A great month for Melyssa Griffin, breaking the $100,000 barrier and establishing a seriously profitable business. Her blog is a great example of how you can make great money offering high-value, high-ticket training courses.

MakingSenseOf - $72,196

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is a fine example of a blogger who started from scratch just a few years ago, knowing next to nothing about blogging. But she has succeeded in building her personal finance blog into a successful money-making machine. As a result, she and her husband now have both location and financial freedom, allowing them to live in an RV and travel across North America living their dream.

Most of the $72,196 earned in March came from advertising and affiliate income. But Michelle has her own products in the pipeline, which should enable her to increase income still further in the future. - $58,060.81

Top food blogs get an extraordinary amount of traffic, but it’s not always easy to monetize. Visitors often grab a recipe and go. But Lindsay and husband Bjork have figured out how to crack this problem, and make money from a whole host of different revenue sources.

As a result, Lindsay has been able to trade up from the very modest income of a 4th-grade teacher to the very substantial income of a successful blogger. This blog is a great example of how blogging can allow you to turn your passion into a full-time career. - $40,358

When Abby started this blog, she gave it a broad, generic name because she had no idea what direction the blog would go in. Fortunately, she soon found her passion and the traffic followed – as did the money.

Now Abby and her husband Donnie both work on the blog full-time, and it is growing into a substantial business. They are doing exactly the right thing by launching their own products, and as result their revenue per visitor is very healthy. I get the feeling these guys are just getting started with this profit machine.

AuthorityWebsiteIncome - $34,766.57

Jon Haver admits that he has no strategy for making easy money, but he does know how to build a profitable blog through hard work and determination. All his hard work is paying off, with an average monthly income that exceeds $30,000. Jon is focused on building authority sites that will stand the test of time, and will still be making money many years from now. - $23,548.35

Matthew started this blog as a ‘zero link building’ experiment. He wanted to prove that you can build a successful blog without gaming the search engines with dodgy links. He has certainly proved that point, with an award-winning blog that is currently clearing over a quarter of a million dollars a year. - $20,930

If you are ‘so over’ struggling with money, you might want to check out this personal finance blog. While you are there, look at the income report. You will see that running a blog like this can be the answer to all your financial problems. This site is a part-time project run by Justin, who also has a full-time job in corporate finance. So even if you working full-time, you, too, can build a profitable blog like this. – $7112.69

As the blog name suggests, Alexa is a single Mom who needs to make an income to feed her family. As she lives in a small community with not many jobs available, she decided that blogging could give her a path to financial freedom. She is well on her way, too, generating a healthy income that makes a huge difference to her life.

Now it’s Your Turn

There are two ways you can react to these reports. One option is to turn green with envy at the huge sums these bloggers are making, and complain that life isn’t fair. The second option is to think ‘wow…if they can making good money blogging, then I can do it, too!

I definitely recommend the second option. Start today, and you can totally change your life for the better in the next few months. If you haven’t started your blog yet, click below to find out how to get things going.

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