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“Rob is Amazing”

Rob is amazing. I have looked for years to find someone who could help me hone my message, then Rob came along. He was able to get right to the crux of my writing problems and turn it around into language my market could understand. I highly recommend him if you want your copy to hit the mark!”

Andrew Stotz, CEO of A. Stotz Financial Research (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Help Your Listeners Grow Sales and Make Money

Hi, my name is Rob Palmer, and I'm a direct-response copywriter who has brought in millions for marketers worldwide. I'd love to be a guest on your podcast and share insightful stories from my decades-long career. I've generated sales for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to ClickBank Platinum Partners, and I'm still in love with my job after 30+ years.

Here are just a few of the engaging tales, tips and tactics we can laugh and ‘wow' over:

  • How nearly drowning changed my life and launched an amazing, career-long vocation as a professional writer (journalist, author, scriptwriter, speechwriter, editor and direct-response copywriter.)
  • Why my direct-response campaign for Apple was so successful the courts closed it down (if your listeners are not doing this right, they are losing big bucks every day.)
  • What I learned at a ClickBank Platinum Summit that could help you add millions to your bottom line (most business owners make this simple mistake, but it's easy to fix.)
  • Why the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation calls me “Secret Weapon” (plus how ‘big ideas' added $500 million to sales…and could do the same for your listeners.)s.
  • How I became the world's first ‘digital nomad,' traveling the world with my family way back in the 90s – PLUS stories of all the challenges of traveling while working online ‘back in the day.' (You won't believe my ‘foot in the door' tactic for getting online in rural Ireland.)

As well as having lots of great stories to tell, I can give your listeners practical insights into how to explode their sales – simple takeaways they can implement right away to make more money. 

To find out more about me, discover how I help marketers scale their offers to the moon. You can also check out my top ten guest appearances on leading business podcasts:

“Your copy is crushing it”

Wow! Your email copy is crushing it! We're seeing open rates, click throughs and conversion numbers that we haven't seen for years. Great job!”

Ben P, ClickBank Platinum Partner

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