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“Knocked it out of the park!”

A big shoutout to Rob Palmer who stepped up and knocked it out of the park. So kudos to him.”

Justin Goff, Top Direct-Response Copywriter

“Kind of a big deal!”

“Getting copy back from Rob is like Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. It's kind of a big deal!”

Keith Mueller,

“Rob is amazing”

Rob is amazing. I have looked for years to find someone who could help me hone my message, then Rob came along. He was able to get right to the crux of my writing problems and turn it around into language my market could understand. I highly recommend him if you want your copy to hit the mark!”

Andrew Stotz, CEO of A. Stotz Financial Research

“Brilliant, Rob!”

“I can't improve on it. Keep going or let me know what else you need from me.” 

Zane Meyers, CEO of Unfair Results

“Exceeded expectations. Rob is Amazing.”

Amber Saunders, Attorney

Copy That Sells in any Market

Hi, my name is Rob Palmer. I'm a direct-response copywriter who's brought in millions for marketers worldwide. If you need copy that generates maximum sales and a high ROI, I can help you by:

  • Writing high-converting, long-form sales letters & video sales letters in niches ranging from financial and supplements to health and biz op
  • Creating compliant yet high-converting copy for supplements and other products in niches where copy needs to be powerful but compliant
  • Building complete sales funnels (including upsells, downsells, cross-sells, email copy, ad angles, etc.)
  • Devising new leads, headlines and angles for you to test, so you can squeeze more revenue from your lists and your campaigns
  • Increasing CTRs with original creatives that breathe life into stale campaigns
  • Writing email campaigns that extract maximum revenue from your list
  • Creating congruent upsells with the ‘buyer momentum’ that creates a big lift in average order value
  • Writing high-converting landers and registration pages that bring you more leads

“Your copy is crushing it”

Wow! Your email copy is crushing it! We're seeing open rates, click throughs and conversion numbers that we haven't seen for years. Great job!”

Ben P, ClickBank Platinum Partner

“Impressed with your work!”

“Hi Rob, I have shared your work with the team today and I have to say that they were positively impressed with your work. Great job!”

William Vanhout, UpViral

“You knocked it out the park!”

“Looks good, I like it. Regarding the emails, you knocked it out the park with those!”

Devon Brown, Personal Development Entrepreneur

“Awesome work, Rob!”

“Awesome work, Rob. Thank you!”

Steven Piper, LeadHub

“This looks great, Rob.”

“This looks great, Rob. We will circle back soon.”

Byron Walker, Survival Frog

Decades of Direct-Marketing Experience

I cut my teeth writing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Microsoft, as well as working with top direct marketing agencies. 

Since then, I've been focused on helping marketers all over the world make money. I'll help you turn your idea into an unstoppable winner that generates the maximum profit.

I regularly help ClickBank Platinum partners scale profits with persuasive Video Sales Letters and marketing funnels. Plus, I help marketers get a high Return on Ad Spend with Facebook and native ad campaigns. 

When you work with me, you get the benefit of:

  • Many years' experience working with the top direct-marketing specialists in the world (learning ‘mastermind' secrets and strategies you won't find anywhere else
  • Detailed research to find out exactly what makes your market tick (because audience empathy is the key to increasing sales)
  • Quality copy designed to convert visitors into buyers (even when you are charging premium prices in competitive markets)
  • Advice on optimizing your sales funnel (ensuring you get the best possible return on ad spend and don't leave money on the table) 
  • Good communication and a commitment to hitting deadlines (I'll keep you in the loop and will always hit agreed milestones and completion dates)

“My team loved the copy”

“Wanted to let you know my team loved the copy you generated, so I wanted to reach out to figure out the best way we can get you on board to write copy for more of our clients.”

Darian James, Dash Activate Online

“Your copy really stands out”

“Thank you Rob, this is very good! Overall, I really like your writing and your copy really stands out.”

Christian Green, ClickBank Marketer

“The best copywriter”

“”Rob you are the best copywriter, marketing strategist and business consultant I know!”  

Anna Frummerin, Life Coach

“This is great, Rob!”

“This is great, Rob. Awesome job. You are a pro :)”

Behdad Jamshidi, CJAM Marketing

Give Me 10 Minutes, I'll Give You $10 Million. Deal?

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Rob Palmer


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