Why you should go 100 percent ‘all in' on persuading your customers to buy.

What You Will Learn

  • Why you should never take no for an answer
  • How to save customers from the wrong decision
  • The principles of ‘talk ‘em down’ marketing

The Amazing Power of Words

Drama was unfolding in Orlando. A man prepared to jump from an overpass on State Road 408,  aiming to end his life on the solid concrete below. He’d made some bad decisions and let his family down. It seemed the only way out was to end it all.

But a woman passing by had other ideas. When she saw what was happening, Cristina Settanni parked up, approached the man and talked to him. She even sang the lyrics of a Linkin Park song to him:

“In a sky of a million stars…who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do.”

The result? Cristina persuaded the man to give life another chance. Police were able to pull him to safety, then take him to a mental hospital for help. With the amazing power of words alone, Cristina saved his life.

You, too, can make a big, positive difference in people’s lives with the power of words. That is what copywriting is all about.

Don’t Be Sleazy

Sometimes direct-response copywriters get a bad rap. We can be viewed in the same light as sleazy second-hand salesmen, using tricks and underhand tactics to sell worthless, overpriced junk.

But that’s not copywriting. That’s fraud. If you are selling worthless products that deliver little or no benefit, then shame on you. You deserve all the flak you get. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. There are so many fantastic products for you to promote, and many more that you create yourself. You can market products that deliver value far exceeding the price customers pay. For example:

  • A great fitness product can help people get in shape – and save them from diabetes, heart problems and an early death
  • A legitimate online business opportunity may allow people to quit their rotten job, get out of debt and achieve financial freedom
  • A well-planned relationship program can save a marriage, keep a family together and save a fortune in divorce costs

Don’t Take No for an Answer

If your best friend was about to jump from an overpass, what would you do? Would you make a half-hearted attempt to talk your buddy down, then shrug your shoulders and give up?

“Ah, well – it’s none of my business really. Guess I shouldn’t interfere. I don’t want to seem too pushy.”

Heck, no! You would pull out all the stops, using all the persuasion tactics at your disposal. You would talk, smile, tell stories, paint a picture of a rosier future, remind them of their loved ones at home…and so on. You’d do whatever it took to save your friend from a disastrous decision.

In short you wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The same is true in copywriting. When you’re selling great products, you are doing customers a disservice if you fail to make the sale. If they’ll be better off owning the product, it’s your duty to ensure the deal is done. Otherwise, there may be negative consequences:

  • If you fail to sell your fitness product, your prospect may die from a heart attack or stroke
  • When you’re unable to close on your business opportunity, your lost customer may be forced to file for bankruptcy
  • If you fail to sell your relationship product, a family may be torn apart forever

There are consequences to not following through. If you believe in your product (as you should), then you should do everything you can to save the prospect from missing out. You must apply the principle that I call:

‘Talk ‘em Down from the Ledge’ Marketing

Don’t give up on your prospects. Don’t be half-hearted about your sales process. And don’t take no for an answer. 

Think of your customers as sitting on an overpass, deciding which choice to make. They can ‘jump’ by abandoning your sales page, never to return. Or they can make the best decision that’s best for them and purchase today.

Sing to Your Prospects

Cristina Settanni persuaded her ‘prospect’ to make the right decision by singing the words of a popular song. Although she probably didn’t realize it, she was leveraging emotion to persuade and convince.

You may not be able to sing a song to your prospects, but you can certainly use all the tools in your persuasion arsenal to get results. Deploy storytelling, proof, urgency and every other tactic at your disposal to ensure that you get the sale.

Talk ‘em down from the ledge, escort them safely to the checkout and secure the deal. Their lives will be improved – and so will your bank balance. 

A true win/win for everyone.

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