Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Money-Making Blog

If you are serious about making money from your blog, then you need to build it on a foundation that is optimized for business. Here’s why WordPress is easily the most popular option.

The Foundation of Your Blog

So you want to make money from blogging, right? Great…good for you! Now you need to take the first step in getting your blog up and running. And that means making a couple of important decisions.

WordPress is the best choice of blogging platform.

Self-Hosted or Free Hosted?

You have two main choices when deciding how to host your blog. You can go with a free hosting service that allows you to create and run a blog for free. There are a whole bunch of these, but the most popular ones include:

The advantage of taking this route is that you do everything for free. It only takes a couple of minutes to create your blog, and you can have your first blog post online a few minutes later. Awesome!

However, there are some serious disadvantages to taking this route. For one thing, your options are seriously limited. You can only choose a limited number of themes, and there is little you can do by way of installing plugins and tools to increase the power of your blog.

Most seriously, though, you never have control over your own blog. If you break the terms and conditions, either deliberately accidentally – or even if the platform thinks you have done something wrong, they can block your account.

Game over. Maybe years of work gone down the drain.

So blogging on free hosting service is fine for hobby blogging, but it is no way to start a business. The only option you should seriously consider is a self-hosted blog.

A Self-Hosted Blog…the Only Way to Go

So what is a self-hosted blog? This simply means that you are buying your own domain name (myblog.com or whatever) and paying for your own web hosting to get it onto the Internet. Don’t worry, all of this is cheap to do. You can register a domain name for about ten bucks, and you can get great hosting for a few dollars a month. Click here to read more about that.

Now that you have a blog that you control completely. No-one can close you down, and you now have the option to run much more sophisticated software to manage your blog. Which brings us to your next decision.

Which content management system should you use?

Back in the day, websites had to be created laboriously by coding each page from the ground up. This was hard work and a very slow process. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that anymore. A number of content management systems (CMS) have arisen to make blogging easier. These provide a framework for managing your blog, ensuring that all the complicated coding work is done automatically in the background.

All you have do is write and hit publish.

Once again, the decisions here is quite simple. For most bloggers, there is only one serious contender in the CMS market.

You need to choose WordPress.

The Wonders of WordPress

When WordPress got going in 2003, there were many other established CMS systems for bloggers. But WordPress was different in one very important respect – it was free!

Ostersund, Sweden - August 3, 2014: Close up of WordPress website under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool.

Not surprisingly, this led to WordPress growing very rapidly in popularity. Because it was so popular theme designers and plugin developers started created more and more products for the WordPress platform. All this choice attracted even more users…and WordPress exploded.

The result is that WordPress is now the de facto choice for bloggers. WordPress itself is still free, and there is a huge marketplace of themes and plugins you can use to enhance your blog.

Continually Updated and Improved

WordPress is far from being a static product. New versions are released on a regular basis, each one pushing the bar a little higher. The WordPress community is very active, and the whole system is moving forward at a rapid rate.

Although WordPress is still a great blogging platform, the technology can be used for many other things, too. You can use it to create e-commerce sites, forums…heck, just about anything you can think of is possible.

A Bewildering Choice of Themes

The number of themes available for WordPress is nothing short of extraordinary. Whatever kind of look and feel you want for your website, you will find dozens of themes to choose from them. And if you can’t find one that is exactly right, you can get an existing theme customized.

WordPress offers a huge choice of responsive themes.

Marketplaces like ThemeForest showcase many thousands of themes. Alternatively, you can choose from specialist theme structures, like Genesis from Studio Press.

Plugin Euphoria

The choice of plugins is just as staggering. Plugins are extra pieces of software that extend the functionality of WordPress. They allow you to capture email addresses, optimize for search engine traffic, reduce the size of images…and a million and one other things. They really are the driving force behind the power of WordPress.

Getting Started with WordPress

To create your WordPress blog, you first need a hosting plan – the place where your blog will live on the Internet. Click here to get full details of how you can set up hosting in the next ten minutes. Once this is setup, you can install WordPress in a couple of clicks.

WordPress is easy to use, and there is plenty of free training available. YouTube has thousands of ours of WordPress video tutorials you can use to get yourself started.

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The Blogging Tool That Could Make You Rich

WordPress is a free tool that seriously has the potential to make you wealthy. And that is no exaggerated claim. Many thousands of bloggers have already discovered that building a WordPress blog is a great way to escape the rat race and find financial freedom.

There are not many businesses that you can start with a few dollars and grow into a million-dollar business empire. Blogging is one of them, and WordPress is the tool that turns blogging into a potential money-making machine.

So if you are looking for a great way to generate your own income, start your own WordPress blog today and start the journey towards financial success.

Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer is a blogger and online marketer who helps people escape the rat race, pursue their passion and find financial, location and personal freedom. If you, too, want to take control of your life, click here to launch your own online business today.