"Rob stepped up and knocked it out of the park. So kudos to him (Justin Goff)

Supersize Your Sales with High-Converting Copy

Rob Palmer and Troy Ericson of Email Paramedic talk copywriting.

"We hired Rob as our Copy Chief for CA Labs."

"We hired Rob as our Copy Chief for CA Labs. He's helping our top writers make our direct-response copy as good as it can be."

Stefan Georgi

Copy Accelerator

"Rob knows how to produce high-converting copy!"

"Robs' a veteran writer who knows how to produce solid, high-converting copy. We've brought him on board to help us write consistent, winning VSLs for our clients."

Luke Mills

Copy Accelerator

"Like Moses Receiving the 10 Commandments from God."

If you need a direct-response marketer you can rely on to deliver, I'm your man. Just ask entrepreneur Keith Mueller who says:

"Getting copy back from Rob is like Moses receiving the 10 commandments from God. It's kind of a big deal."

Other clients say, "Rob is amazing," "the best copywriter," "cut from a different cloth," "our secret weapon," and "absolutely brilliant, Rob!" 

ClickBank Platinum Partners are delighted to tell me, "your writing really stands out," and your copy is crushing it!" 

You can see more client testimonials here. And all that proof is important. Because here's the thing...

You may have a fantastic product your market loves. But if you can’t communicate your message in a compelling way, it’s all for nought

You’ll end up with disappointing sales and a negative ROI.

Fortunately, there is another option…

If you need copy that converts, you’re in the right place. 

Because writing words that sell is what I do. Those words go on to produce high volumes of sales, both in the US and worldwide. 

If that’s what you want to achieve, we need to talk. 

A Battle-Hardened Direct-Response Writer

My name is Rob Palmer and I'm a direct response copywriter.  Let me clarify what I mean by that. 

I do NOT mean I took a Udemy copywriting course and now I'm hoping to practice on unsuspecting clients (beware of those types).

I mean, I've been doing direct response marketing 'in the trenches' not just for years, but for decades. 

I have a whole career's worth of experience behind me. And I love what I do just as much as on the day I started. 

I consider every project I take on as not just a personal challenge, but a mission to get outstanding results for my clients and partners. 

Billions of Dollars of Product Sold

Back in the 90s, I cut my teeth writing direct mail promotions for top tech companies like Apple, IBM, and Microsoft. 

I also wrote for big financial brands such as Citibank and Morgan Stanley, plus a host of other Fortune 500 corporations.

In that environment, you learn fast. You either deliver a return on ad spend, or you get fired. I learned to deliver. 

My campaigns for Apple were so successful they upset many people (read the full story here). But they did sell an awful lot of product.

Nowadays, I continue to deliver copy that sells, working with smart, direct response pros from America to Australia. 

I help savvy marketers turn products into profit, so they can laugh all the way to the bank. 

A Decade of Success on ClickBank

As I write this, all the top 4 ClickBank E-Business/E-Marketing offers feature my copy. 

I have a track record of creating success stories, helping marketers to crush it on this platform 10 years plus.

Plus, my words are powering other successful ClickBank funnels in categories such as Finance and Health/Beauty. One recent VSL-based offer hit an exceptional $4.00 EPC right out of the gate.

"The sales page is converting at 8%...on cold traffic."

"The funnel you wrote is doing great in the US! The sales page is converting at 8%, giving an average order value of $55. We are getting $17 CPA on cold traffic, so we can scale now. All your copy, Rob, so thanks for working with us to get it right."

Conor Reynolds

Online Marketer

"Fantastic...this is really great work!"

"The VSL is fantastic! The TSL is awesome, too, really great flow. Draws you right in.

Easy to skim the whole page and immediately see and understand all the important elements. Or read through the whole thing. Even the subheadings tell a good story. 

This is really great work! It's been pretty much a dream working with Rob!"

Rob Jones

Profit Singularity

A Focus on Direct-Response Copy

If you need electrifying copy that turns cold-traffic strangers into raving fans, I'll get the job done. I can help you supersize sales by:

Writing high-converting long form sales letters & VSLs

Covering niches from health & personal development to finance & business opportunities.

Creating copy for challenging markets and media

Producing copy that's very persuasive yet fully compliant with regulations and platform rules.

Building complete sales funnels

Including upsells, downsells, cross-sells, email campaigns, and other elements that increase average order value.

Designing alternative copy

Brainstorming new ideas for headlines, leads, CTAs to squeeze even more dollars from every single campaign.

Increasing CTRs

Producing original creatives that breathe new life into stale campaigns and turn dead products into fresh winners. 

Writing email sequences

Extracting maximum revenue from your list by increasing open rates, clickthroughs and conversions.

Creating congruent upsells

Leveraging buyer momentum to achieve a high uptake rate on upsells to produce a massive boost in AOV and profits.

Writing high-converting landers

Maximizing conversions from click to lead to help you build your list and make the highest possible ROAS. 

Annihilate Competitors with a Secret Weapon 

When I wrote for auto glass giant Belron (think Safelite), senior executives called me ‘Secret Weapon.’ On corporate memos, my name initials were always shown as S.W.

That’s because my copy was the ‘unfair advantage’ that crushed their rivals and generated half a billion dollars of sales

You can read that story here (and see how I saved hundreds of lives in the process.)

Yup, good copywriting makes the world a better place!

Top marketers have me on speed dial because whatever the project, they trust me to deliver outstanding, original copy. 

I’ve worked with some offer owners for a decade or more, helping them add millions to their bottom line

"Everything is on point and on brief!"

"Looks good, I like it. Everything is on point and on brief. Regarding the emails, you knocked it out of the park with those!"

Devon Brown


"Rob is amazing!"

"Rob is amazing. He got right to the crux of my copy problem and turned it into language my market understands. 

I highly recommend him if you want your copy to hit the mark!"

Andrew Stotz

Stotz Financial Research

A Power-Packed Portfolio

           Here are just a few examples from my portfolio for you to check out.

A story-driven VSL designed to convert a mass-market audience.

Sales page copy for a volume-selling, brain-health supplement (part of a complete Facebook ads funnel).

A VSL-funnel for a female hair-loss product, featuring a compelling story and a hook that engages the intended audience.

A full-length, hard-hitting webinar promoting a stock trading program (YouTube ads funnel).

An attention-grabbing VSL for a ClickBank weight-loss supplement.

An engaging, clickable email sequences for a distinctive personal development webinar funnel.

A story-style sales page designed to stir things up in the dull world of company formation & business services.

Facebook ads campaign promoting an innovative bodybuilding program (part of a complete funnel).

A weight-loss supplement VSL that pulls no punches to generate high-volume sales in a very competitive niche.

A text landing sales topped by a VSL for an in-demand online business opportunity. 

"Light years better!"

"Good Lord, Rob, you are cut from a different cloth. This is great. I love what you have been putting together. It's light years better!"

Dr. Survam Patel

Compliant Clients

"The best copywriter!"

"Rob, you are the best copywriter, marketing strategist, and business consultant I know. I love the concept and the sales funnel you built."

Anna Frummerin

Anna Consults

Let's Talk

To be sure I’m the real deal, you can also check out my appearances on many popular podcasts, or view my LinkedIn profile. 

Or check out my credentials on, which ranks me as on of the "top copywriters to consider hiring in 2023."

So if you need a secret weapon to annihilate your competitors, let's chat. Book a Zoom Call now so we can discuss your project and start supersizing your sales.

what you get

How We'll Work Together

The clock is ticking and you need to get results fast. So let's get things moving. When we work together, you can be confident of getting:

My expert take on how you should approach your project (even if it means ruffling feathers in your organization).
In-depth research to understand your audience, avatar, USPs, and positioning in the market.
A clear, detailed proposal for all copywriting (including ‘big ideas,’ leads, mechanisms, scope, and costs).
Quality copy that meets the exact specifications of the brief, delivered on schedule (I take deadlines seriously)
Revisions and edits as required to get things exactly right and on point.
stress-free marketing

Discover the Easier Option 

Building successful funnels and campaigns doesn't have to be a painful experience. 

Work with me and you can be sure of a stress-free experience. That means:

No more struggling along with limp sales and feelings of inadequacy

Not having to fire copywriter after copywriter (at great expense) for disappointing you once again
Never again maxing out your credit card with nothing to show for your ad spend
growing sales

Ever-increasing rOI

Done right, copywriting is an investment that brings a massive return on investment. When we work together, you can look forward to:

Sales that keep growing bigger (staying strong even as you up your ad spend and penetrate new markets)
High-dollar average order value increases that enhance your margins
More money from your existing assets (email lists, social media followings, etc.)

You can get results like Ben, who says he loves to see all the ClickBank sales notifications coming in:

"Woah, this script is awesome!"

"Woah, this script is awesome! I'm going to use it pretty much word for word. And you are insanely fast, ha ha!"

Sam P.

Lead-Gen Specialist

"Off the charts better!"

"Thanks for all your doing! I can't tell you what a difference it is having you on board. Your quality of writing is off the charts better."

John Immel

Zero to One

Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie

So why put up with less you deserve when you can get more than your fair share?

Let's put a rocket under your sales and launch to a new level of success. 

Start today and you could be seeing greatly improved results in double-quick time.

So let’s look at your options. 

You could take the red pill (red=warning) and go with Udemy guy. That way, you might save a few bucks in the short term. 

But you’re risking your money on copy that’s likely to fall flat on its ass. Ouch!

You’d end up with a sinking feeling every time you check your sales stats. And where will you park when your garage is full of unsold product?

Alternatively, you could choose the blue pill, picking a writer with a worldwide track record of success.  

There’s only one of me, and I don’t subcontract work to other writers. My calendar fills up fast, so it’s best to schedule your call as soon as you can. 

If you’re ready to supersize your sales, say ‘yes’ by clicking below to book a time.

Book Now...

 The sooner we start, the sooner you start making more money. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so book your spot now while I still have openings on my calendar:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for copy projects?

Naturally this depends on the project, but I can usually turn copy around relatively quickly, with a first draft that's on brief and on point. 

What's the best way to get in touch?

I recommend booking a Zoom call using the links on this page. You can also contact me by email at

When should I contact you?

The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can start putting more money in your bank account. Book a call today!

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