Deploy a “Secret Weapon” and Skyrocket Your Sales

Discover how to weaponize words, maximize conversions and scale your offers to the moon. 

why work with ME?

Decades of Direct-Response Marketing Experience


From ClickBank Platinum Partners to Fortune 500 companies like Apple & Microsoft, I've helped business add millions to revenue.

Marketing Strategy

As a pioneer of online marketing, I have the in-depth expertise needed to turn turkeys into winners and bring home the bacon in any marketing niche.

Business Consulting

Having grown multiple business from zero to multi-million dollar revenues, I have the experience needed to guide your business to greater success.

about ME

A wealth of ‘in the trenches' experience at your fingertips

Squeeze more dollars out of your existing assets, and make money with new offers faster.

Partner with me today and you can look forward to resuscitating email campaigns that need CPR by breathing new life into subject lines and copy (the quickest and easiest way to inject new money into your system.)

You will uncover new leads that rivet your prospects and enthrall them all the way to the checkout page – with a credit card in hand, eager to buy right now.

And you'll get tweaks to your upsells that turbocharge average order value to scale offers to new heights.


Writing words that sell in any market

From financial to health, and from biz op to relationships, I've delivered results in the world's most competitive niches.

My goal is to help you get the clicks and conversions you need to scale your offers to the moon. From converting on cold traffic, to squeezing more out of every sale, I have the experience and expertise to create big wins and big paydays.

what my clients say

Don't take my word for it…

“Rob is amazing. He was able to get right to the crux of my writing problems and turn it around. I highly recommend him if you want your copy to hit the mark!”

Andrew Stotz

founder & CEO of A. Stotz Financial research

“Wow! Your email copy is crushing it! We're seeing open rates, click throughs and conversion numbers that we haven't seen for years. Great job!”

Ben P.

marketer & clickbank platinum partner 

“I call Rob my ‘Secret Weapon' because he always delivers ‘big idea' campaigns that really move the needle and get the results we need. Recommended!”

Gary Lubner

Ceo of belron global corporation

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